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COVID19 - Office Visit Procedures

Download your COVID19 Pre-Screen Form prior to your visit!

COVID19 Pre-Screen Form - Print and complete

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COVID19 Pre-Screen Form - Complete online and print


We are now requiring all patients, parents, and caregivers to wear a mask at all times when coming to the clinic. Thank you!



Thank you for all of your help and patience as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. All of our physicians and staff are doing our absolute best to keep you and your families safe and healthy.

We still recommend that patients be seen for newborn visits and well visits requiring vaccinations. Call us if you aren't sure if your child needs vaccinations. We prefer to schedule all Well Visits for our FIRST appointments of the day so that we can get our well patients out before our sick patients arrive.

You must call for appointments so that we can prepare for your visit. Same day sick appointments are always available. We plan to have all sick visits scheduled for after we have seen our well patients. If you are scheduled for a well visit and wake up sick, please call so we can have your child seen for a sick appointment that day instead.

When possible, we will do your child's visit via video chat using the Spruce App. Please call your doctor's nurse voicemail if you would like to discuss whether your child is eligible to be seen via video chat versus coming in to the office. Patients have been loving this option!

We still ask that only 1 family member accompany each patient. Our maximum allowed is 2.

We still require all patients to complete screening at the front of our clinic and then return to their cars. We will call you to meet us at the front of the office after we have reviewed your screening form and have a room available. You and your child may be required to wear a mask into the office. Please prepare your child for this. Please prepare your child to expect all staff to be wearing masks and that we will not be able to hug/cuddle them during their visit.



Frank Hughes, MD, FAAP | Galen Sanders, MD, FAAP | Shalinee Singh, MD, FAAP | Megan Gardner, MD, FAAP | 
Lauren Milner, MD, FAAP | Jennifer Patton, APRN, CPNP | Kenda Brotherton, APRN, CPNP | Rachel Branton, APRN, CPNP

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